Risk Analysis and Mitigation from a Travel Security Perspective

When we travel for work or vacation, we usually have a set plan of what needs to be accomplished or what we would like to get done. One thing that we may pass over is our safety. When evaluating our safety concerns, there are several factors we should consider. I recently ran across an article by Aegis Academy explaining risk assessment, and I don’t believe that it can be written better than Patrick Henry wrote it. Please see the article and check out more from Aegis at http://aegisacademy.com/ or http://personalsafetyandsecurity.wordpress.com/

Mastering Professional Level Firearms and Defensive Skills

Travel Security - Risk Analysis & MitigationThe most common and unfortunate state of mind people adopt is that protection is the responsibility of someone else. You can personally exert an extraordinary amount of influence over your own safety and security by controlling your actions. Adopting the mindset that your personal safety and security is up to you is the first step in improving your chances. The next step is learning how to evaluate risk, and implement actions and controls to maintain and advantage in any environment. The first step is analyzing risk.

Finding the “right” risk metrics

In the evaluation of risk, the first and most critical step is to choosing a quality data set. The greatest gift the Internet has given us is a vast supply of information on demand. Unfortunately, much of it consists of un-researched opinion, or worse pure fabrication. When evaluating personal security risk, you have to select, vetted, relevant and appropriate…

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