What’s Going on With Staying Safe?

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here or sent out an Intel Brief. I want to give you all some updates about what has been going on with Staying Safe and let you know of a few changes with how content will be delivered.

As you know, I’ve been working on a lessons learned video series. Unfortunately, all the editing I completed and the original videos were lost when I changed to a new computer. I’ve started over and have been working to complete the first video by the end of the week. I’ll most likely have it posted over the weekend, or early next week. I’m also putting together other types of videos to help breakdown situational awareness, tactics, techniques, training, and other concepts.

Staying Safe is using several social media pages to distribute information. Each medium is used for a different type of content. Reason being, most of the places that I subscribe, share all their content from one source. This often clutters my news feed and inbox with content I that I don’t find useful or interesting. I don’t want to clutter up your inbox or news feed with content that doesn’t meet your needs. I want you to have the choice of subscribing to what content you want.

Here are links to the content options for Staying Safe.

Website – Articles written in educational format, similar to a research paper with sources cited and some original videos.

Intel Brief My opinions on various topics, interviews, and other related content that isn’t in an educational format.

YouTube – All of the videos will be uploaded to YouTube, but only videos that meet the educational criteria will be shared here on the this website.

Facebook – Updates, quick tips, articles with some quick thoughts, pictures, and other content that doesn’t fit into the other mediums.

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