Lessons Learned Series|Episode 3

This video examines an officer involved shooting from a civilian bystander perspective. The incident took place in Everett, MA in April 2016. If you are interested in hearing my analysis of the officer’s actions, I will be sending out a video on that via The Intel Brief, next week

6 responses to “Lessons Learned Series|Episode 3

  • Reginald Browne

    My dad was a firemen. His take was to let the police do their job and leave the area. Too often people hang around to see what’s going on and sometimes get in the way or escalate the situation by their presence. So, you’re right, the first course of action should be to leave the area the second to take cover. Of course circumstances alter cases. Things aren’t often that simple. The policemen was probably correct in this setting. Too often the police are wrong and had it not been for the public with cell phones they would not have been caught. Yes, that’s another discussion. In an ideal world people would leave the area. However, there will always be those who just want to see what’s happening and may become caught up in the scenario. I know I’m off point, however I wanted to expand ones thinking.


    • Christopher Pendas

      Mr. Browne, so many good points in your comment. I think a lot of people want to see what’s going on because they aren’t putting their safety first. Also, as a bystander, it’s easy to forget that even if you aren’t directly involved in the incident it can still affect you.

      As always, thank you taking the time to watch and comment, it’s always appreciated.

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  • Robert


    This a great post! You’ve done an amazing job at extracting and depicting many valuable lessons.

    I’ll be sharing sharing this post and your video tomorrow morning in my team’s huddle (as I have the others).

    You’re doing great work to make this world a safer place to live.

    Many thanks!



  • Robert


    At this moment, no. You did one heck of a admirable job at extracting from this video so many great teaching points.


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