Lessons Learned Series| Episode 6 – Road Rage

In this episode, I breakdown a road rage incident and provide some options for dealing with confrontation. The outcome of this could have been much worse. Although this guy had some serious skills, he also had luck and circumstance on his side. Check it out!

My goal is to be absent of violence. If I can’t be absent, I look to avoid. If time and circumstance permits and I can’t avoid, I will attempt to de-escalate or redirect. If that fails, my last option is to use defensive skills. Staying level headed and not allowing your emotions to control your actions is vital to good decision making. Do you think this guy made the right decisions based on what you’ve learned in this post?

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Excellent video of road rage incident. Almost exactly what happened to me decades ago, but with only one aggressor.
    On a Sunday morning at 6 am, while going to a gun range, nobody on the road. I stop for a red traffic light. A car pulls up behind me, but the road is two lanes. Light turns green. I step on the accelerator and the engine percolates, hesitates, and stalls. Won’t restart. The guy behind me, blasting his horn, rather than simply going around. I am trying to restart the car and feel the car jar and see in the outside mirror, the guy kicked in my left rear quarter panel, and is moving up to my door with a tire lug wrench in his hand. I opened the door, still seatbelted and the S&W Model 36 is now out as I unbuckle and shout, “Drop it!”. He did drop it, as I got out to look at my rear quarter panel and the guy lunged. His right fist striking my left ear solidly, as I push him off, and I am now angry. I pocket the snubnose and punched him squarely on the chin. He falls back onto the pavement for the ten count. My car is old. But now I get back in, still no other cars on the road. I turn the key and it starts. Put it in gear and drove. Left him, his lug wrench, and his car, where they were. No cell phones back then and no pay phone in sight. I went to the local police precinct to make a report. The sector car went to the location but nothing was there. I never heard anything about the incident since.


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