Christopher Pendas

IMG_4727My views on self-defense come from my varied background in martial arts and unique experiences throughout the world. I was introduced to martial arts through the action films of the 80’s and 90’s, which led my parents to enroll me into traditional martial arts. I studied for a few years on and off throughout my childhood. As a teenager, I trained in boxing until I enlisted into the U.S. Marine Corps. While in the Marines, I took a keen interest in the MCMAP program where I attained the rank of black belt instructor. Presently, my training is focused on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; I am currently a brown belt.

I spent my entire Marine Corps career overseas in areas such as Africa, China, Japan and Saudi Arabia. During my time overseas, I have trained Marines and locals in defensive tactics. After the Marines, I spent time as a security contractor in Africa and provided protection for cargo vessels from pirating in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. After my time overseas I worked in executive protection as a regional defensive tactics instructor for one of the leading threat assessment and executive protection firms in the United States. Currently, I work for the Department of State – Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations as a Security Specialist. When I can, I spend time as a volunteer teaching at local women’s shelters. My primary focus is how to develop better situational awareness and learn how to be absent of, escape from, defend against and to be better prepared for the aftermath of a violent encounter.

For more specific information on my training and work experience, please request through my contact me page.

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