Social and Asocial Violence

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned that there are two categories of violence: Social and Asocial. The two categories are broken down into sub-categories. Social violence has five sub-categories: Monkey Dance, Group Monkey Dance, Status Seeking Show, Educational Beat down and Territorial Defense. Asocial violence is broken down into two sub-categories: Resource Predator and Process Predator.

These sub-categories help us understand how the specific encounters develop and the motivations behind them. Ultimately, this information provides us with options to avoid and/or de-escalate an array of violent encounters.

I’ve already written a general Introduction to Violence and two detailed posts on the Monkey Dance and Status Seeking Show. I’ll be sending out links to the original model and resource for this information via my newsletter later this week. If you haven’t already signed up, follow this link to the sign up form.

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