“Chris is an engaging, sharp and highly-skilled trainer. He shared critical details with domestic violence advocates on personal security and ways to mitigate violence, using awareness techniques and knowledge of perpetrator types. This information is so important. I’m looking forward to working with Chris again!”

Erin P.
Domestic Violence Advocate


“I have had the pleasure of training and working with Christopher Pendas over the course of this last year. Chris spent a number of years in the United States Marine Corps then onto contracting and recently has done work in executive protection. Chris has done all this while growing and developing his martial arts and defensive tactics along with one of his strongest attributes which is understanding safety and how people without such an extensive background can achieve this as well. I have been fortunate enough to spend 5 years at 2nd Ranger Battalion along with 5 deployments and all Marine Corps jokes aside Chris has some of the most extensive knowledge of defensive tactics I have seen as well as the mindset to go with it.

Training with Chris was very adaptive and well structured, we went into our training sessions with a scenario or situation we wanted to cover. Chris was always able to adapt the tactics and techniques to suit my strengths and needs while still accomplishing the overall objective. As a student with Chris there is little that he cannot work around whether it be physical limitations or skill level however motivation to learn is not something that you can lack.

I gained a great amount of training and experience during my time in Ranger Battalion, our weapons proficiency, battle drills, and medical training is second to none. This has given me the tools and experience of how to fight in combat, what it did not do is help me understand safety and self-defense. Chris has helped me understand many concepts more applicable to safety in my life outside of the military such as avoidance, one of the easiest ways to stay safe to avoid unnecessary conflict. Chris has taught me techniques that are effective and easy to revert to in a time of stress. This training gave me a better to insight into society’s constraints regarding the legal repercussions of self-defense situations. I would love to get more time training with Chris and would absolutely recommend following his work and using him as a resource to help build your knowledge of safety in the world today.”

Matthew M.
Former Army Ranger

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